Orphan Poster Teddy sad

A Promo for the publicity campaign.

London, 1939.

A small infant is found abandoned on the doorstep of St. Marks Orphanage, and is taken in and raised in poverty. He grows up knowing nothing of the family he never knew, only that his name is Arnold. While life in the orphanage is tough, Arnold makes friends and manages to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. But all of that is about to change. One night, a strange man arrives at the orphanage, looking for a boy with ‘a strong back’. Thrust into a world of gambling, greed and punishment, Arnold will discover the one thing he never expected to find. A family.

Run time: 29 minutes - Black & White - PAL HD

The project was created entirely by the students themselves, including direction, editing, location management, script development and set design, as well as all other facets of the film-making process. Overseen by our Tutor, Matt Hillman , who has a wealth of knowledge and has worked in the professional industry, the students prepared, produced and presented this film at a Gala Opening on 10 December 2010.

Most of the filming locations were located in and around the Old Cheese Factory, on Homestead Road, Berwick, and all participants were made aware of the long night shoots, especially over the Winter period. Shot as part of our Tv & Film unit for 2010.

You can watch the trailer here .


  • Arnold - Scott Jeffrey
  • Mrs. Brown - Jo Newport
  • Mr. Brown - Chris Newport
  • Archie - James Bull
  • Sister Anne - Emma Newport
  • Arnold (Age 8) - Cole Jackson
  • Archie (Age 7) - Kaia Hilderbrand
  • Margaret - Taylah Rzepski
  • The Doorman - Josh Inwood
  • Leonard - Matt Hillman
  • Wilkinson - Peter Dowler
  • Kind Woman - Tara Dowler
  • Police Office - Harley Taskis
  • Leonard (Present) - Eric Fynmore
  • Poker Player - Victoria Ward
  • Orphans - Kelsey Dowler, Tara Coulson, Sam Newport, Jordan Brouwer, Nicole Sizer, Taylah Hilderbrand
  • Townsfolk - Victoria Ward, Sinead Jollife, Sam Newport, TK Abioye, Emi Van der Velden, Katy Green