YIG SOF 2010

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Hosted by Peter Dowler, the Youth Impro Games - Survival of the Fittest contest puts students onstage together in an all out improv-fest to see who can outlast all the rest to become the last one standing. This time, instead of representing their school, they are literally on their own.

Split up into two opposing tribes, each team performs for the audience, and if they do well enough to win the audience's favour, they'll earn themselves immunity from the vote, and prolong their life in the game. They'll need to learn to think outside the box, think on the fly and think fast in order to make it all the way to end. If they fail to do so, they risk being voted out by their tribe, and go home with nothing.

The contestant list is made up of 12 young performers, each with varying strengths and weaknesses. Some are selected as Wild Card entries from the heats, semi-finals and grand final of the Youth Impro Games, while the rest have to attend an audition workshop, to see if their Improvisation Skills are up to the challenge.

The top prize for the final contestant standing (other than major bragging rights) is a cash prize of $200.00.

There have been different twists in the competitons history, and in it's first year, suprised performers and audience members alike when the first six contestants voted out returned in a revenge vote to remove one of the finalists - and place one eliminated contestant back into the game!

In 2010, the twist was ramped up significantly as the 12 hopefuls discovered that there was a secret 13th contestant, who turned out to be none other than our first ever winner, Eamon Glass. As there were 13 contestants and therefore uneven tribes, they had to vote immediately, before anything had happened! The votes were split between Conor Woods of Drouin Secondary College, and Ryan Jemmeson of The Knox School. After a tie-break vote, Conor was voted out of the tribe, but in a secondary twist, was propelled into the final six of the contest, rather than eliminated.

The different challenges that the tribes face are usually variants of theatre sports games, with the difficulty level increased to match the students abilities. In the first contest, the final four had to take part in a difficult game of Questions Only, in which they may speak only in the form of a question. In 2010, the final three had to participate in a Quiz Show challenge, while in the first year they had to undergo a Job Interview, not knowing anything about the Job they were actually applying for! Both the Job Interview and the Quiz Show challenges featured Guest Performer Matt Hillman.

The final two always get one last chance to show why they should be crowned the winner, and as such, are brought back onstage for one final scene, involving parts and characters played by previously eliminated contestants.

The Adlib Omega Youtube channel has lots of clips from these events, but some are available below.

This event is presented by Adlib Entertainment in conjunction with Hillbilly Productions.

thumb|left|500px|The Dead Bodies Challenge from the Scorsese Tribethumb|500px|right|The Final Three Quiz Show Challenge 2010thumb|500px|left|The Final Four Questions Only Challenge from 2009