Taken from the program for the December 2011 Production of Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible'.

Roxanne has always been a passionate one for theatre and the arts, and began chasing her dreams in 2007 when she performed with Adlib Children's Theatre as “Peter Pan”.

Since then she has performed in over 12 productions with various performing groups, received Best Female Youth Actor for her role as Danni in “Rat Trap” and the prestigious AJ Award from Adlib Entertainment. She has recently immersed herself in the role of a cheeky, quick witted ‘Puss’ in Adlib Children’s Theatre's “Puss ‘n’ Boots” – a remarkable experience which brought about tremendous growth for Roxy.

The contrasting role of the scheming, tormented Abigail Williams has challenged Roxanne, but pushed her abilities as a performer into far greater depth and inspired her to work even harder. Roxanne is excited and nervous to be performing for you and hopes to engage you in the magic of the moment.