MAAN Prog Cover

The cover of our Program.

"Two pairs of lovers, one romantic, the other at each other's throats. A group od soldiers, a few maidens, some villanous ruffians, a governer, a prince and two lawmen that haven't got a clue!

These are the ingredients for a tale of love and romance, sex, lies, deceit, comedy and marriage, (and let us not forget - the Watch!) set against the beautiful Italian countryside.

This year's Production Class have once again proven why they are here, and have worked tirelessly to bring this production to the stage. A lot of hard work has been poured in to the rehearsals, and along with it, hours of sweat, tears, laughter and excitement. An energy that has made this production a very unique experience. From the moment the show begins, the vibrant colours of the costumes, the staging, and, of course, the performances themselves, make for a very rewarding theatrical experience that I am sure you will all enjoy.

Once again I would like to thank Peter & Donna Dowler for having faith in my grand designs for this course, and the students that dare to undertake it. Their continued support makes me strive for bigger and better works, and in turn pushes the students to excel themselves.

So sit back, relax, and smile. Don Pedro is approached!"

- Above taken from the Director's Notes in the Program, 10 June 2011.

Produced on a smaller scale that it's big budget predecessor, A Midsummer Night's Dream, this production boasted more on it's performances, rather than grand costumes and sets. The backdrop for the set was hand painted and depicted the Tuscan region where the show is set, and the lighting was simple and full, to re-create the light-hearted mood for the audience. Musically, the different themes that were presented allowed for the changes to pace and mood and was the only aspect of the production to reflect the villians temprement.

Cast List:

  • Benedick - Josh Harkness
  • Beatrice - Dana Valic
  • Claudio - Kayne Hughes
  • Hero - Kirra Machin
  • Leonato - Scott Jeffrey
  • Don Pedro - Jason English
  • Don John - Sarah Walker
  • Borachio - Aaron Webster
  • Conrade - Sinead Jollife
  • Antonia - Monica Butler
  • Friar Francis - Roxy Tamlin
  • Margaret - Tara Coulson
  • Dogberry - Serena Lever
  • Verges - Victoria Ward
  • Ursula/Sexton - Rebecca Spilsbury
  • Messanger/Balthazar - Emma Reale (replaced by Matt Hillman 5 days before opening, due to illness)
  • The Watchmen - Josh Inwood, Emma Van der Velden & Mia Sabec

Directed by Matt Hillman. Photos by Donna Dowler.