ImagiNation 2012 flyer for FB

The advertisement for our June 2012 Production Class Season

A wonderous tale of a man who utilizes the power of his Imagination to help him through the trials and tribulations of life, our Senior Production Class presented this production over a single weekend, to captivated and appreciative audiences.

Originally performed in 2009, and written and directed by Matt Hillman and co-directed by Jake Machin, this show included some simple musical numbers, colourful characters and many memorable moments designed to tug the heart strings.

One of the biggest challenges of the show was to get the male cast to portray the female roles, and vice versa. As the director's note in the program explained: This production presents a unique challenge to the cast, in that we wanted to explore the ways in which the different sexes deal with emotion. As such, with the desicion to cast males in the female roles and vice versa, I wanted to show that the emotion of the characters and the story is not strapped into a specific gender. Men and Women all have similar feelings, but express them differently. The challenge lies in being able to convey the emotion from the other sex's point of view.

The original concept for to be a one man show, but was adapted to suit a cast of twenty. This version was first performed on Saturday 16 June 2012, with the following cast:

Ringmasters - Monica Butler and Emma Rogers

Arthur Schonfeld - Serena Lever

Susan Peterson - Stuart Rogers

Audrey Schonfeld - Josh Harkness

Robert Schonfeld - Francesca Codd

Psychiatrist - Emma Reale

King - Roxanne Tamlin

Dragon - Tara Coulson

James Schonfeld - Georgia Walton-Briggs

Molly Schonfeld - Kayne Hughes

Nate Baxter - Brooke Hilder

Rachael Peterson - Josh Inwood

Mr. Peterson/The Doctor - Sarah Walker

Customs Officers - Emma Newport & Bridgitt Shea

Bag-Snatcher - Emi van der Velden

The Shooter - Mia Sabec

Tiffany Schonfeld - Aaron Webster

The Legion of Black Shadows - Harrison Tonks, Sarah Walker, Emi van der Velden, Mia Sabec, Emma Reale, Kayne Hughes, Josh Inwood, Aaron Webster

Production Team:

Director/Writer - Matt Hillman

Co-Director - Jake Machin

Production Manager - Tyler Mason

Costumes - Emi van der Velden, Sarah Walker, Tara Dowler & Matt Hillman

Lights & Sound Operation - Matt Hillman & Jake Machin

Riggers - Tyler Mason & Matt Hillman

Voice Overs - Peter Dowler, David Fernee & Matt Hillman

Program Design & Artwork - Matt Hillman

Front of House - Parents and Friends of Adlib