Formal Poster

The poster for the advertising campaign.

A musical written by Donna & Peter Dowler , and adapted for the screen and directed by Matt Hillman , Formal tells the story of the hundred year old Marydale High School Building, and the stories of all the students who attended there.

"Sometimes they come back"...

What begins as an end of year Formal becomes a journey into the unknown as four students find themselves trapped inside the dark corridors of Marydale High.

Locked within the confines of dank and musty cloak-room, the students are led on a mysterious exploration of the school's past, which literally comes to life before their very eyes...

Featuring seven original songs, a few surprise cameos, and a showcase of young talent, Formal is a journey you'll want to take again and again.

Run time: 89 minutes, Colour - PAL

The film was released in a special 2 disc collector's edition, containing 2 commentaries (one by the students themselves, the other by the production team), a first-look special at the making of the film, a trailer and a 14 minute outtake reel.

This project was produced as a part of our Tv & Film class in 2007.