Adlib Omega logo

The Omega logo, as seen on our Youtube channel

Adlib Omega is the name of our special Youtube Channel, where we broadcast our work for the world to see, but more importantly, for our students to brag about!

On the channel are trailers for our films, some complete short Tv & Film projects, clips from stage productions, highlights from our theatrical events and competitions, as well as clips from our school holiday pantomime productions.

You can see more at:

Clip listing as at 15 August 2011

  • Youth Impro Games - An informational video about our improvisational team event for schools.
  • Stalker - A Tv & Film super short - Filmed in one class early 2010.
  • The Medieval Blob - A stop-motion short featuring lego and a hungry single-celled organism!
  • A Short Thriller - A sinister villian in black, an innocent victim, a crack team of detectives... and Frank.